More About me

I like to keep an active lifestyle by regular contact with nature, particularly camping, trekking, biking and swimming. I love the mountains and the sea, have basic diving and windsurf courses, and recently lost my mind and started taking surf lessons (with the occasional hospital visit due to my natural clumsiness and aptitude for dramatic falls). I am also an avid reader and love to write, although I seldom share it with others. Listening to music, visiting museums, going to the theatre and cinema are also some privileges I like to enjoy to feed my creativity. I love to travel and discover different places and people. I adore animals (am a dog person), and I am obsessed with pigs since I can remember. In fact, I collect pig related objects and accept pig related presents (hint hint), except for real pigs, of course. I love plants but manage to kill most of them except for cactuses. My favourite flower is the wild daisy.


Some Pet Peeves 

  • Talking on the mobile phone (and the sound of the mobile phone ringing);
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, smartphones and social networks in general;
  • Disonhest, ungrateful, arrogant, self-entitled and mean people;
  • People who keep saying “like, like, like, like, like, like…”, it hurts my ears;
  • The sound of the alarm clock;
  • The smell of cigarettes,
  • Ginger and anchovies;
  • Tupperware arrangement and fighting against lids’ black holes (which must surely be responsible for the same gravitational effect on socks).

Guilty pleasures

  • Strong competition to cookie monster.
  • Everything pampering related.

Weak Points

  • Stubborn.
  • Very stubborn.
  • Extremely stubborn.
  • Emotional sometimes (I am told it is because my zodiac sign is cancer but as I do not believe in that I prefer to think it is because I am so nice and empathic and spectacularly sensitive. Practically a saint).
  • Perfectionist.
  • Clumsy and distracted.
  • Glutton.


  • Not for me to say.

Superb Acting Skills